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Local Activities of trail lake view

These are the list of local activities of trail lake view in Moose Pass, Alaska. If you’re interested in fabulous Glacier and Wildlife (bears) Flight Tours, Spectacular Photography Flights, Fantastic Fly-in Fishing Trips, Charters to Remote Wilderness Cabins and Lodges or U.S.Forest Service Cabins and Charters to other Alaska Locations

Flight Seeing

#1 activity in Alaska is Flight seeing. Visitor exit surveys find it is the most remembered experience, long after the boat ride is forgotten.

We, Scenic Mountain Air offer the best value Flight Seeing tours in Alaska. I can truthfully and adamantly say so. I have been flying Flightseeing tours in Alaska for more than 40 years. From Anchorage to Denali, From Seward to the Brooks Range. (Way up North)

SMA offers exciting Flight Seeing tours from just about your front deck. We have 30-minute teaser tours, (You always want more) to an hour flight over the Sargent Ice field or the best is an 1 and 1/2 hour tour over the Harding Ice Field and Kenai Fjords Natl .park. Spectacular glaciers, sometimes calving, and ice fields in every direction. And the best part is your tour starts the moment you board our float plane. You can even watch the float planes taking off and landing from your front deck.

Contact Vern at Scenic Mountain Air. Personal cell no.: 907-362-9178 or

SMA Office Tel no.: 907-288-3646

Located: 33702 Depot Rd. Trail Lake in Moose Pass. Turn left at the Trail Lake Lodge.

Please check out our various flights,

If you’re a Pilot, or ever thought you wanted to be a pilot, you definitely should experience an introduction to Bush and Mountain flying in one of my float equipped PA-18 Supercubs or take your favorite friend, family, loved ones etc., along for the ride in my Cessna 172 on floats. Maybe even stay around long enough to earn you Sea Plane Rating. You will be a better safer pilot.

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And call Vern at Personal cell no.: 907-362-9178  or Tel no. 907-288-3646 Over 40 years flying the Alaskan Bush.

If you’re interested in Guided Fishing on the world class Kenai River, (30″ Rainbow and King Salmon) only 16 miles away, or fishing for saltwater fish in Resurrection Bay 29 miles.

Check out these websites.


We highly recommend them for their client satisfaction and professionalism. We work with them everyday flying there clients to a world-class grayling fishing lake.

Kenai River:

For Salt Water:

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