About Vern Kingsford; Adventurer, World traveler and Alaska Bush Pilot for over 45 years

The 1950s house wasn’t much, but the sunny location and the view were. So I bought it and set out to have a luxury cottage for my home and guests to enjoy. I moved my Flying School to Moose Pass in 1993. I have delighted in the spectacular mountain scenery and flying here ever since.

I also own Scenic Mountain Air, an air charter, flightseeing, and fly-in fishing company, and Alaska Float Ratings, a world famous seaplane training school, both in Moose Pass.

It took me a month during the remodeling to design the kitchen without an island. I, personally, didn’t want to walk around one, and it isn’t that big of a kitchen – about 10 x 14.

It took nearly four months for me to pick out the granite counter top for the kitchen. I was in San Francisco for medical treatment, so by mid-morning, I was searching out granite warehouses. I still remember one area. I had the best carne asada (Mexican food) at a little taqueria near there. Then a stop in Seattle, and looking around Anchorage followed. Finally, at a great little shop in Anchorage, I found both the Brazilian granite and the guys to install it.

It took the contractor, Tim, two years to complete the remodel, gutting it out, leaving the original full dimensional ceder 2x4s and 2x6s, having polyurethane spray foam blown in, eliminating one door and 2 windows, but adding French doors, three windows, and a half-bath. Ron was an artist in doing the travertine tile work in the kitchen and bathrooms on both the walls and floors.

My guest tell me I thought of everything when I stocked the kitchen, bathroom, and furnished the place. I wanted to live simply and comfortably in my newly refurbished cottage. I wanted to enjoy this quiet remote location and have a home that my guest would feel welcome, comfortable and enjoy.

Dot Bardarson is my favorite local artist. Her work decorates the walls of my cottage with class and grace,  along with a couple of pieces from Africa where I spend a lot of time with my Land Rover Defender exploring the African bush. I have actually driven my Land Rover from Cape Town, South Africa to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, exploring Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia along the way.

Jennifer, my wife, and I hope you enjoy our home. Every guest these past few years has. Many return each summer.